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The Gold Experience 21st Anniversary

Posted by Shaliah on September 26, 2016 at 6:00 PM
The Purple Rain album of the 90s has turned legal! I'm talking about the album "The Gold Experience". This album, in my opinion, is one of the best records that Prince ever made. This album highlights the diversity of his music which includes funk, rock, r&b, rap, and soul. Various critics applauded this album as well. Some calling it Prince's best record in years. Others stated that the music was outrageously and originally as anything he's ever recorded. Others said it was his best record since "Sign O the Times". Nevertheless, the greatness of this album was overshadowed by his feud with Warner Bros. over owning the master recordings of his music. It is now out of print and very rare to find. (If you do, I'm sure the price will be outrageous). Below is what I believe to be the best tracks on the album from my favorite to least favorite. 12. We March A nice song on which Prince discusses racism. Although this is a great song, it's my least favorite on the album. 11. 319 A funky rock song! 10. Now Another funky rap song by Prince. The song is nice and has great screams in it as well. 9. Dolphin A more poppier rock song by Prince but it's still great! 8. Shh A great slow jam. Prince wrote and produced this song for Tevin Campbell on his album "I'm Ready", but he recorded for himself. Safe to say I like this version better! 7. Billy Jack Bi**h A great funk song dedicated to columnist CJ from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. It brings up the question of what if's in relations to CJ gossiping about Prince and calling him names. Prince told CJ that the song wasn't about her, but Prince's bandmate who was there when he wrote the song said it was. Regardless, it's a great track! 6. P Control This song is a perfect blend of rap and funk music. It is one of Prince's best dance tunes. I think it was a great opener for the album. It focuses on self-respect for women but has a funny way of showing it. Listen to the track and you'll see what I mean. 5. I Hate U One of my favorite r&b tracks by Prince with an amazing guitar solo at the end. Prince tells of a girl that he hates because he loves her so much. He even takes the woman to court. It also has very humorous dialogue in it too. 4. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Probably the only commercially successful song from the album and one of Prince's most well-known songs. This is a beautiful r&b ballad written for Prince's then wife Mayte. 3. Endorphinmachine This song is my other favorite rock song by Prince (My other favorite is Computer Blue). The guitar riffs on the song is incredible. It's one of those songs that make you happy when you hear it! 2. Shy This may shock some, but it's just something about this song that I absolutely love. The acoustic guitar riffs and storytelling makes this song is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and Sly and the Family Stone. 1. Gold No better way to end an album than with Gold. It's a lighter anthem which is similar to that of Purple Rain. Prince touted the single as the next Purple Rain. It's one of those moving, inspirational songs.

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